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They aren’t protecting one killer. They’re protecting their way of doing business. If they turn over Darren Wilson,. the man who shot and killed Mike Brown in the street like a rabid dog, then they think it will set a precedent for every cop to turn himself in when he guns down some “violent thug”. Please believe they are fighting tooth and nail to keep that level of consequences away from their actions.


? Have you ever thought that it could have to do with the fact that some angry people who think they can be vigilantes would lut a hit on him? Bc thats exactly what would happen. And as much as u believe he deserves to die, throwing a person in a lion pit just isnt how we do things nowadays.

Nah, you don’t get to gun a kid down in the street and then look for police protection. Fuck cops and fuck “good cops” who protect bad ones.

Get his name, address, ss#, prints, what that fuck ate for breakfast, and what he eating for dinner and give it out to the public .

If he dies …

so be it .

Word word

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